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  Personal Project Sites

I have retired from Web Design, but I still maintain a few sites for personal projects.

Imagine Ceremonies - Humanist Wedding Officiant Redefining the Sacred
Why Men Made God book Sacred Secular Sanctuary
A Humanist Journey

Since retiring, I have had time to explore a Humanist worldview. My progress along that path started much earlier - the story is told in this article. The journey has been great fun!

Happy Halcyon Days (2017 to present)
Networking (2015 to present)
Book Promotion (2015 to present)
Why Men Made God launch (October 25, 2015)
NonCon 2015 (August 22, 2015)
Good Without God bus sign (2014 - 15)
World Religions Conference (Sept. 28, 2014)
Atheist Footprints in the Sand (August 2012)
Peregrina, El Camino de Santiago, 2007

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