Author, Innovator, Networker, Organizer lunch table at INR7

Making Connections

Some faces you might recognize:

with Jerry Coyne and Richard Krauss

With Jerry Coyne and Richard Krauss, 2017

Seth Andrews, Remy, Charlene

With Seth Andrews, Remy Wright, and Charlene Farnsworth, 2017

with Richard Carrier

With Richard Carrier, 2016


More Fan Photos:

Karis Burkowski with Ali Rizvi

With Ali Rizvi, 2017

Armin Navabi, Charlyn Navabi, Remy, Richard Dawkins, Charlene

Lunch mates: Armin Navabi, Charlyn Navabi, Remy Wright, Richard Dawkins, Charlene Farnsworth, 2017


With Brian Dalton, aka Mr. Deity, 2015

with Lawrence Krauss

With Lawrence Krauss, 2015

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