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  World Religions Conference, 2014

The 34th World Religions Conference (WRC) was held on Sunday, September 28, 2014 at the River Run Centre, Guelph, Ontario, Canada. The WRC (put on by the Amadhyya Muslims) serves as "a forum for different religious and ethnic communities to gather in the spirit of tolerance, peace, cooperation, and understanding." The topic chosen for the year when I was asked to be the speaker was "Pathways to Peace".

Image on the big screen

SOFREE Media recorded the talk! It was a wonderful opportunity to articulate many of the themes that form my worldview.

Good Without a God!

After my talk, members from the Sanctuary and SOFREE, dressed in our new, blue, "Good Without God" T-shirts, appeared onstage together to present the world premiere of our new song, Good Without a God.

Good Witout a God singers

Good Without a God was written by Peter Kanold, from SOFREE. Enjoy it here!

After all the speakers finished, there was a Q&A period when panel members answered questions from the audience.

Q and A

I have continued to participate by engaging with people at the display table where, along with other Society of Freethinkers members, I present SOFREE materials and promote Why Men Made God.

The WRC is currently held at U. of W. Perhaps I will see you there.

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