The Franklin Survey Expedition
July 15, 1994 to August 3, 1994

TEAM MEMBERS: John MacDonald - Archaeologist
Barry Ranford - Photographer
John Harrington - Business Manager and Artist
PURPOSE: To map and interpret a Franklin site discovered the previous year on King William Island by John Harrington and Barry Ranford.
To further explore the Erebus Bay area.

View from plane

SUMMARY: The site was focused at a spot with a partially buried skull. Another skull - fully exposed and in poor shape, was located 20.54 meters away. A third skull, fully exposed and in good shape, was located approximately 55 meters away from the first one. A badly damaged femur is 3 meters away from the buried skull.

Artifacts located and mapped include:
- a forged iron life boat part (knee brace)
- a wood debris field
- flint
- rivets
John MacDonald and John Harrington hiked 10 to 12 miles each day exploring new areas. They found numerous Inuit tent rings with many Franklin related artifacts suggesting that the Inuit salvaged materials from the ships and from Franklin encampments.

It is important to note that all human remains and artifacts were documented and photographed but were left undisturbed exactly where they were found.

A C.B.C. video crew documented the first four days of the trip. A 30 minute special was shown on "The National" in September 1994.

Fifteen or 16 rivets, all very rusty. Each measures 4 to 6 inches long, approximately 3/4" diameter shank.
The long arm (approx. 12" long by 2" wide) of the brace is skewed by about 20 degrees to the short arm (approx. 6" long by 2" wide). The lone rivet is identical to those piled nearby

Sketches © 1994, JOHN HARRINGTON

  • generally cold, 0 degrees to +10 degrees celsius
  • windy
  • some driving snow
  • overcast
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