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My Creative Playground

Now that I am happily 'retired' I have time for interesting, challenging, exciting creative pursuits. Since most of them involve at least some connection with the Internet, the name 'Netscapades' (escapades on the 'Net) works.

Imagine Ceremonies

My current focus is on providing non-religious weddings and other ceremonies as a Humanist Officiant (certified by Humanist Canada and licensed by the Province of Ontario.) From grand galas to woodland elopements, each ceremony reflects the unique personalities of the participants.
Visit the Imagine Ceremonies website to learn more.

Current projects

Humanist Wedding Officiant (2019 to present)
Webinar re: Why Men Made God, for Humanist Canada
Marketing Why Men Made God. See WMMG website.
Past President, Society of Freethinkers
Facilitator, The Shift
Author, "To the Centre of the Labyrinth and Beyond" published in Consensus: A Canadian Journal of Public Theology, Volume 39, Issue 1 (2018)
Founder, Redefining the Sacred
Member of Interfaith Grand River, since 2001

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